L’Oreal Revitalift Cicacrem

This is my first experience with Revitalift from L’Oreal with the Centella products being a new addition to the Revitalift range.

Revitalift Cicacrem uses an extract from Centella asiatica, also known as “the tiger herb”. It has proven abilities as a wound healer by inhibiting certain enzymes that break down collagen while at the same time, increasing the rate at which collagen is synthesised. This can result in skin that looks and feels firmer.

The “active” ingredient is a bit far down the ingredient listing and I wonder how much more effective it might be if it were more towards the top. The general rule being the farther down the list, the less there is of an ingredient.

The texture is like a gel-cream and has a light, unobtrusive scent.

I have been using it at night and do feel it makes a difference, especially on my neck. While my face doesn’t look it, my neck, chest and hands are showing definite signs of the aging process.

Revitalift Cicacrem hydrates well, so skin looks fresher and smoother. I will need to use it a while longer to see if the “tiger herb” continues to work as well over time.

Very affordable at under £10.00 for the 50 ml night cream.



Its a nice feeling isn’t it. To have got through the first month of the new year. January is always a bit dull to me and in six weeks or so, Spring should be settled in nicely on this side of the Atlantic.

There are already signs that its on the way. Snowdrops have been in bloom for a while now and crocuses are starting to show. I have bluebell shoots coming up in the backyard, the neighbours have daffodils pushing through the cold earth. You can hear birds in the early morning now, a sound I missed when the dark nights crept in earlier and cleared out later.

I have no particular plans this month. I’m still doing the Udemy conversational French course and my Kindle is full of books to read. Between cold, blustery, wet days I dash out to the garden and have a poke at the odd weed and curse a couple of the local felines that see the borders as a fine substitute for a litter box.

If you have any remedies for said plague that have a reasonable chance of working, let me know!