Michael Van Clarke 3”’ More Inches Hair Care

I have a hard time recalling any hair care products I've used over the years that really wow'd me (wow'd, is that a word...??). Even the premium brands I have used were nice, Kerastase comes to mind, but didn't make the kind of difference that had me ready to repurchase. I had never heard of… Continue reading Michael Van Clarke 3”’ More Inches Hair Care


Easter Break in Shrewsbury

I'm writing this post on Monday evening while it pours rain on and off. It's a rare long weekend in England if it isn't cold and wet, but never one to allow the weather to put me off, we left on Friday morning for an Easter break in the ancient market town of Shrewsbury in… Continue reading Easter Break in Shrewsbury


Happy Easter

We are off to the Shropshire countryside for the Easter weekend, staying in Shrewsbury and sightseeing from there. I love the Ellis Peters books, The Cadfael Chronicles,  and this is where the books are set and also where the 1994 - 1998 television series with Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael was filmed, so I sort… Continue reading Happy Easter